New Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Has Been Completed


Lotus Motocycle c-01

Lotus’ previously announced motorcycle, the C-01, which was teased last year and revealed early in 2014, is now officially completed. You can’t buy one yet, but the development and testing phases are complete, and they say it’s “ready for the road.”
The bike will be built in limited numbers (just 100 examples) under license by Kodewa of Germany with the support of the Holzder Group.

It combines the power of a V-twin engine (KTM-sourced, dry-sumped, water-cooled – 200 hp) with the low-riding swept back look of those Bonneville high-speed motorbikes, albeit in a more compact, road-ready package – or it could just be called a cruiser, I guess, but either way, it’s really far from being the Lotus of sport bikes…

It still promises to be light for what it is, using carbon fiber, titanium and high-strength steel to keep the weight off. None of these will, however, help it keep the price down – expect this to be horrendously expensive.

Now, we assume that videos will have to begin being posted, in order for everybody to see it and hear its V-twin in action. Until then, we must make do with the photos posted in the gallery below.

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