Spice up your drive with this Lexus Siracha IS

 03-lexus-is-sriracha-la-1     11-lexus-is-sriracha-la-1 

Lexus celebrated the launch of the 2017 IS by creating a spicier, customized version of the sports sedan: The Lexus Sriracha IS. That’s right the favorite hot sauce from Huy Fong Foods is now alive in car form. Lexus commissioned the team at West Coast Customs to create a one of a kind car complete with Sriracha paint, Sriracha injected steering wheel, Sriracha hot seat warmers and a Sriracha driving mode that’s tuned for faster gear changes. Throughout the rest of the car you’ll see Sriracha elements like recognizable Huy Fong rooster logo on the seats and custom badging.  There’s also elements of Sriracha “bottle-cap green” accents on the spindle grille, calipers, mood lighting and seat stitching.

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