Chevy Bolt Concept is The EV to have for 2015



There’s many a reason to lust for a Tesla Model S, though the hurdle for most, presumably, is the cost – simply not everyone can afford a $70,000 EV. The folks at Chevy believe you want a more affordable electric vehicle, and they’ve built one. The firm calls its creation the Bolt EV, and it might just be the biggest little car of 2015.

Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, General Motors CEO Mary Barra called the concept “a game-changing electric vehicle designed for attainability, not exclusivity.” And frankly we’d have to agree. With over 200 miles of range, the Bolt EV doesn’t lag far behind the Model S in terms of charging practicality. And with its sensible layout, five-door functionality, and superior all-electric range, it bodes well against the BMW i3.

But the best kicker of all – the price. After its EV tax credit, Chevy claims it could sell the Bolt EV for a not-that-expensive $30,000. Gadzooks. Alas, so far the Bolt is still just a concept. But with that being said, Chevrolet has already mentioned that the Bolt EV is intended for use in all 50 states as well as major global markets – so right, “concept.”

Inside, the five-door Bolt EV features a certain upscale design language not dissimilar to that of the i3. The interior cabin feels light and airy, with room for four plus their stuff. The center console holds a 10-inch touchscreen interface, which can integrate with smartphones and features app compatibility to help you ride-share your Bolt, or even get out and let it park itself.

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