You can buy a Ferrari or owning Ferrari!

For $500 million or $600 million you could buy about a dozen Ferrari 250 GTOs. Or, you could buy 10 percent of Ferrari itself.

Fiat Chrysler Automotive plans to sell 10 percent of Ferrari and distribute the remaining shares to FCA shareholders, a move that has sparked all sorts of speculation, fear, excitement and anxiety among wealthy Ferrari owners.

Some say that in becoming a stand-alone company, Ferrari will be forced to make higher-volume, lower-quality cars to satisfy shareholders. Others say selling a small slice to the public won’t effect the brand or product at all.

The Italian group also released its third-quarter results, reporting a 7.4% increase in profit thanks largely to growth in US sales, albeit slower than expected. Earnings before interest and taxes were €926m, up from €862m a year earlier, it said.

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