How to modify Lamborghini Aventador LP988? Check this out!

Duesseldorf tuner DMC has revealed further details and pricing of its new LP988 Edizione GT program to suit the Lamborghini Aventador.

A more extreme version of the company’s Molto Veloce kit, the Edizione-GT carbon fibre aero package consists of a new front bumper and spoiler with air intakes and canards, side skirt extensions, a herculean diffuser, and an imposing GT rear wing. As with the front spoiler, the rear bumper is also Veneno-inspired, with triangular cut-outs accommodating the re-routed tailpipes and a replacement engine cover.

As the name implies, the Aventador has received a performance upgrade resulting 726 kW (988 HP) from the 6.5-litre V12. DMC is yet to reveal how it arrives at that figure, but we do know that its LP900 package ditches the factory injection system in favour of 12 separate single intake throttle plates, uprated fuel pumps and nozzles and optimized ECU software.

Pricing for the complete conversion stands at an eye-watering $288,888, but if you’re only interested in the performance upgrade that figure slides down to $134,530, while the body package weighs in at $89,990.








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