Evolution to perfection / EVO X

MARK ENRIQUEZ’S EVO X is an example of a perfectly custom with quality parts and skilled craftsmanship makes this car literally unique. Mark picked up a set of TMB’s hailing in at a healthy 19×11 with custom offsets all around to maintain an aggressive stance.Fortune Auto Coilovers were quickly mated with Swift Springs(12K Front/14k Rear) to increase the stiffness of the ride. Rather than going the route of air bags, a Muller Air Cup System graces the front which Mark keeps at the lowest setting for all purposes, only raising it up when necessary.These utilize a metal cup that acts as the bag, providing less play, makes no sacrifices to the car’s handling, and in the event that the air system were to fail, the car would just become static and driving is still possible thanks to the coilover springs. More to see at Stance Nation.






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