Righteous Rides – Le Mans

Client: Hero Complex Gallery | Curator: Adam Smasher | Date: APR 2013
Posters exhibited at Hero Complex Gallery’s Righteous Rides…and the Dudes Who Drive Them! show, celebrating the most famous modes of transportation of our favorite movies, games and comics.
An invitation such as this can drive you crazy due to the numerous options you have available, so in order to maintain my sanity I approached it just like the way I did when I decided to make the Blade Runner poster, as quick as possible. Once I knew what I wanted I shut down all other options and moved forward to designing it before any second thoughts or regrets take over.
This time I chose to work with the famous Porsche 917K, with its iconic Gulf Team livery, the race car driven by Steve McQueen in the 1971 movie Le Mans. I believe it was a good option because not only I could pay homage to a great movie but also to the car that dominated the tracks in its time. Also I could make a dream come true: design a Tamiya like model kit box.
The posters are available at Hero Complex Gallery’s online store:

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