Volkswagen makes $23,000 when you buy a new Porsche


Volkswagen owns Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugati, SEAT, Škoda and  Ducati. It’s one of the biggest car firm in the world. This year the company is determined to top Toyota as the world’s No. 1 car seller.

For every Porsche it sold last year, Volkswagen pocketed about $23,200 in operating profit, for a margin of 18 percent, according to an annual report it released this morning. Bentley wasn’t far behind Porsche, and the Audi brand, which includes the Lamborghini badge, posted $5,200 in profit per vehicle at a 10 percent margin. That compares with an $850 return, at a 2.9 percent margin, for one of VW’s mass-market machines, such as the Jetta or Passat.

The main reason that Porsche to be so much more profitable is the customers are far less price sensitive. Drivers wealthy enough to consider such a plush ride were likely making a mint on U.S. stocks last year, regardless of where they lived. The average Beetle customer, meanwhile, may have been capturing less economic upside.

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