1964 Chevrolet CERV II concept

This Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle II (CERV II) is the “first known operating example of torque-vectoring, all-wheel drive.” In 1969, Chevy engineers also used this car as a test bed for an aluminum 427-cubic-inch V8 capable of around 700 horsepower. As it sits, the car is estimated at around 550 hp with a curb weight of just 1,848 pounds, but we have a feeling this car may never be driven again.


1964-Chevrolet-CERV-II-1-960x640 1964-Chevrolet-CERV-II-4-600x400 1964-Chevrolet-CERV-II-2-600x400 1964-Chevrolet-CERV-II-6-600x400 1964-Chevrolet-CERV-II-3-600x400

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